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  •   111 “In heaven, God will not ask us why we sinned; He will ask us why we didn’t repent.” “I am not with you right now, but you are in my heart always.” “Prayer is a tie, a relationship between man and God. Therefore, it is not just talk, it is a heart connected to a heart. “Prayer is a feeling of being in the presence of God. It is a partnership with the Holy Spirit and unity with God.” “If you are faithful in rejecting willful sins, God will deliver you from willfulness sins.” “If you are faithful in not judging others by words, God will enable you not to judge by thoughts, which is more difficult.” “Praise others and make them aware of your appreciation. Make them feel that you know their good deeds and admire them.” “Respect others and treat everyone politely, not only the elders or those you are obliged to regard, but also the young and those who are younger and lower in grade than you. “ “The disciples rejoiced when they saw the (risen) Lord and their joy became a way of life for them and Christians after them.” “The first transfiguration of our nature is that God created us in his own image and likeness. “ “Many of our brothers were lost because nobody visited them or by the time they were visited, it was too late.” “The spiritual person questions himself before he is questioned by God: What has he done for all those people whom he knew? Is there anyone among those whom he does not know, who needs his help; he ought to know them and offer his services. “ “He who is led by the truth will be pleased with its leadership and nourishment and lives by it.” “In all man’s acts, it is not enough that the aim has to be holy, but also the means must be sound. Very often, man errs and fails because his means are wrong.” “God gave you your soul to be responsible for it before Him, like a steward who was entrusted with a stewardship. Are you busy with it or with others?” “The love which does not sacrifice is a barren love, without fruit.” “The resurrection drew men’s attention to the glories of the other world; thus, the evanescent enjoyment of this perishable world diminished.” “Your nature is not evil. Evil is an intruder.” “As for the one who is self-centred, he never knows love as it should be. And if he does love, his love would not be capable of enduring as it should be.” “Bear the faults of others as God bears your faults.” “The one who likes to benefit always searches for profitability. Too much talk does not profit him, but one word could change his whole life.” “Faith is a deep inner conviction and complete confidence in God, His attributes and His work.” “Faith is not just to be mentally convinced but is an action inside the heart, to lead one through his whole life.” “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God” “Prayer is a key to Heaven, it is the language and job of Angels and it is the life of the spirituals.” “In prayer, one is elevated above materialism to meet with God.” “Prayer is a taste of God’s Kingdom, which starts here and finishes there.” “God can do everything on his own, but he wants you to work with Him, not only to work, but to toil and strive.” “Thus, suffering for the Lord becomes a measure of the glory that awaits the faithful in the eternal Kingdom.” “Love expresses its existence by labouring for the beloved one.” “The One they crucified at Golgotha and was counted as a sinner, enduring many reproaches and insults, has risen from the dead in glory, ascended to Heaven in glory and sat down at the right hand of the Father in glory.” “Let your gifts be comparable to your earnings, lest God makes your earnings comparable to your gifts.” “Love is tested through suffering, tribulation and sacrifice.” “If one loses ones inner peace, everything will look disturbed in ones’ eyes, and what is simple will seem complicated.” “The one who overcomes hardships and does not use them as an excuse, proves the truth of his inner intentions.” “A practical person who has faced reality and experienced life would perfectly understand that matters do not proceed according to his plans and preferences.” “A humble person may give up his opinion and would possibly admit that he was wrong, and rectify the error.” “A meek person deals simply with everyone and never argues much or acts stubbornly.” “There is a big difference between stubbornness and firmness in what is right. Stubbornness is the persistence on what is wrong.” “He never aimed at overcoming people but winning them. He never tried to destroy them but convince them.” “The faults of the tongue are many.” “Repentance needs a humble heart. The one who persists in his pride and dignity would not be able to repent.” “The Christians are strong because they are an image of God and God is powerful.” “The one who is full of peace could flow over to others, granting them comfort.” “God is present, everything is for good, there is an end.” “Be firm inside, steadfast in your faith, then nothing from outside will shake you.” “Live then in peace, you will be comforted and live in confidence and calm, in good health, both spiritually and physically.” “Find excuses for others and try your best to defend them in a rightful way, not through hypocrisy.” “He who deals with people according to his own mentality, without taking into consideration their own mentality and way of thinking, is not practical.” “The practical person lives in reality with all its surroundings, obstacles and problems, without ignoring anything.” “Success in not large number served people, but in those you were able to change their lives and brought them to God.” “Man needs to drink from all springs of knowledge, with wisdom and care, by examining and sifting information.” “Try and reach the heart of the one you speak with, before, you reach his mind.” “Zeal is kindling the heart and the will, as if with fire, to do what one believes to be good.” “Think, study and investigate everything, adhere to the good attributes.” “Service is an expression of love overflowing from the heart, it is a desire to serve.” “If you want your words to have their full effect, choose the appropriate time to say them.” “Speak when the ear is ready to listen to your words, and more preferable when it is eager to listen to you.” “The important thing to keep before you is that you say your word when it finds an ear ready to listen.” “In silence there may be wisdom and strength, there may be nobility and dignity.” “The world sees in our conduct, in our behavior, the proof that we are the real children of God.” “It is not the sun which has hidden its face from the earth, but the earth which has turned its back on the sun.” “I have noticed a type of person who talks a lot but who says nothing.” “Every Goliath has a David waiting to conquer him in the name of the Lord of Hosts.” “People may fear you on account of your position or power or strength, but this does not mean that they respect you.” “Any work done by man, without the hand of God, surely leads to vain glory.”
  •   During the funeral of our beloved father, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, one of the bishops read the following last words of a departed patriarch to all his children. These are words of comfort and encouragement to all of us.
    I am your father and teacher. All of you my children, listen to my commandments.
    • I ask you my beloved children; preserve and look after the faith of the Holy Trinity.
    • I ask you my beloved children; love one another with a true love.
    • I ask you my beloved children, do good with all humanity.
    • I ask you my beloved children; do not let the world deceive you.
    • I ask you my beloved children; do not fall short or “be not eager” in the service of the Lord.
    • I pray for you my beloved children; pray without ceasing fervently.
    • I pray for you my beloved children; preserve your tongues from causing any division.
    • I pray for you my beloved children; preserve the Holy Baptism that was granted to you.
    • I pray for you my beloved children; preserve your body pure for the Lord.
    • I pray for you my beloved children; do not ever let your lamp weaken without light.
    • I pray for you my beloved children; preserve the commandments that God gave to you.
    • I pray for you my beloved children, that the fear of God be within you.
    God is witness, my beloved children, that I did not keep any of God’s words away from you…that I never ever rested my children, and be blamed by any one of you. If you preserve and keep what I have said to you, you will crush the head of the serpent. If you preserve and keep what I have said to you, you will eat of the goodness of the earth. If you preserve and keep what I have said to you, the shining Cherubim will guard you. If you preserve and keep what I have said to you, you will never lack of the Heavenly gifts. I ask of you my beloved children, to ask of Christ for my soul, that it may have comfort before him, and do not count my shortfalls, unknowingly and unwillingly. To the clergy, bishops and priests: I ask for your love and I plead to your reverence, to absolve me, each and everyone of you. And now, I am far from you and have left you, and I cannot see your faces. And now I ask you all that you exhaust yourselves in prayers for me and remembrance in the Holy Liturgies, that my Master may accept me to Him, and forgive me. And I ask Christ, the Great Shepherds of Shepherds, that he may raise for you a righteous shepherd according to His Will and Heart, that he may shepherd you and your matters and watch for the salvation of your souls

    ليس عملك أن تخلع الزوان إنما أن تنمو كحنطة، حتى إذا ما جاء الحاصد العظيم يجد سنابلك مملوءة قمحا فيجمع منها ثلاثين وستين ومائة وتمتلىء اهراؤه حنطة.

    السيد المسيح لم يضيع وقته في مقاومة أخطاء زمنه..

    لم ينفق فترة تجسده على الأرض صراعا مع المخطئين ومشاكل المجتمع والكنيسة، إنما اهتم بالبناء بإرساء مبادئ جديدة وإعداد أشخاص يؤمنون بها وينشرونها في كل مكان.

    الشيطان مستعد أن يشغلك كل حين بالمشاكل وأن يقدم لك ما لا يحصى من الأخطاء لكي يلهيك بمقاومتها ومحاربتها عن العمل في بناء نفسك وبناء الملكوتإن الانهماك في خلع الزوان، فيه تبديد للطاقات..

    وفى هذا الصراع يبدد وقتك وجهودك وأعصابك.

     وفى خلع الزوان أيضاً قد تفقد سلامك الداخلي وربما سلامك مع الناس أيضاً إذ تحيا في صراع.

    وهكذا تفقد هدوءك وصفاءك وربما تفقد وداعتك أيضاً.  وقد تدخلك المشاكل في جو من الاضطراب ومن الخلافات التي لا تنتهى والتي تثيرك وتحيطك بالانفعال الدائم.

    وكما تفقد وداعتك وهدوءك قد تفقد بشاشتك أيضا، ولا يراك الناس إلا متجهما لا ابتسامة لك، وربما يملكك الغضب ويملكك الحزن ولا تحاول أن تتخلص منها لأنك تحسبه غضباً وحزناً مقدساً لأجل الله..

    وقد يوصلك كل هذا إلى قساوة القلب..

    باستمرار تدين الناس المخطئين، ثائراً على ما فيهم من أخطاء بحجة خلع الزوان منهم، وباستمرار تكون في ضجيج وقد يرتفع صوتك على الناس وتنتهر وتوبخ وتنفث التهديدات وتكون متبرما بكل شيء..

    وفى كل هذا قد تفقد محبتك للناس، وتفقد اتضاعك، وفيما تخلع الزوان من الناس تكون قد خلعت الحنطة التي فيك وينظر إليك الناس فيرونك مثل الزوان في كل شيء..

    قليلون هم الذين يستطيعون أن يخلعوا الزوان وفي نفس الوقت يحتفظون بحنطتهم .  لذلك حسناً منع الرب أولاده من خلع الزوان لئلا يخلعوا معه الحنطة.

    وحسنا قال الكتاب: “لا تقاوموا الشر“..

    إن أحسن طريقة لخلع الزوان هى تقديم القدوة الصالحة التي تقتضى عليه، وكما قال الحكيم: “بدلاً من أن تلعنوا الظلام أضيئوا شمعة“..

  •   Remember your weakness, then you will be more cautious and you will submit to the thoughts of pride and false glory which may attack you. Remember the loving kindness of the Lord bestowed on you and you will always lead a life of thanksgiving. Faith will grow in your heart as well as trust in God’s love and work. Your past experiences with God would encourage you in the life of faith. Remember People’s love and their past good experiences with you. Should you doubt their sincerity or find out they have wronged you, Their old love will intercede and your anger will fade away. Remember death, so all wordily temptations will disappear and you feel that, ” All is vanity and grasping for the wind.” (Eccl. 1:14.) Remember that you are standing before God and He is looking at you, then you cannot sin because you see Him. Remember God’s promises and you will be comforted in all your troubles. But if you forget them, say with David the Prophet, “Remember the word to Your servant, Upon which You have caused me to hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, For Your word has given me life.” (Ps 119:49-50) Remember the Blood of Jesus which was shed for your sake and you will definitely know the value of your life; it becomes dear in your eyes, so you will not waste it with prodigal living, ” For you were bought at a price;”. 1 Cor 6:20 Remember the vows you made to God at the Baptistery with your parents undertook on your behalf to renounce the devil, all his evil deeds, all his thoughts and wiles, all his forces and power. Remember always that you are a stranger on the earth and that you will return to your heavenly home. Then you will not put all your hopes in this world and its comforts. Remember That the narrow gate leads to the kingdom of heaven. If you see the wide gate open before you, escape and keep away from it. As all those who went into it perished. Remember your eternity and work for it at all times. Remember that you are a child of God and ought to have His image. You walk as befits the Children of God, for they are apparent. Remember that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God in you and always be a holy temple. HH Pope Shenouda III
  •   “The Christian does not think that God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us” C.S. Lewis
  •   I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. C. S. Lewis
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