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St. George Praise

Glorification for Saint George

Hail to you, Saint George,
The Prince of the Martyrs:
For the sake of your Lord,
You endured for seven years.

Hail to you, O Hero:
Who forsook all worldly things,
Leaving this world to dwell
In the shadow of His wings.

Hail to you, great prince:
Who did tear the decree,
Proclaiming to all men,
“Pagans we shall not be!”

“We have only One God?
He is the True Lord.
For us He was killed,
His side pierced by the sword.”

Hail to you, Saint George:
Your faith you have announced,
Before all people?
Their gods you have denounced.

Through the sign of the Cross,
You were filled with power.
Before seventy rulers,
You stood as a tower.

Hail to you, Saint George:
You shared your Saviour’s pain

Many heavenly crowns
You did attain.

In your many afflictions,
Your eyes looked up above,
Ever beholding
Your Saviour’s tender love.

With love and compassion,
He answered your call.
He came to you Himself?
Our Lord, Who is above all.

Hail to you, Saint George:
You fought a great war.
O triumphant martyr,
You opened heaven’s door.

Hail to the courageous,
Winner of the great victory,
To whom what was concealed
Is no longer a mystery.

Hail to you, Saint George:
Great is your name.
Throughout all the world
Has spread your fame.

Hail to you, Saint George,
Intercessor for all.
When we call on your name,
Please hear our call.

Hail to you, Saint George:
May all the nations call,
“O God of Saint George
H e l p u s a l l.”

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