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St. Anthony Praise

Glorification for Saint Anthony the Great

In the Church of the First Born
In the Congregation of the Saints
He Stands with great respect
Peniot Ava Antonious

Stands with great esteem
Among those who wear the eskeem
On the rank of the Cherubim
Peniot Ava Antonious

With Spirit-filled prayers
With a godly life story
You consecrated the wilderness
Peniot Ava Antonious

Striving in prayers
Tens and tens of years
With tears and prostrations
Peniot Ava Antonious

Monastic in your fasts
The days never last
Your soul seeks no rest
Peniot Ava Antonious

Ascetic when pleasures appear
Resonating the eternal appeal
And contemplating spiritual feel
Peniot Ava Antonious

You received the spirit of Elijah
And of the Prophetess Hannah
And John, the Son of Zachariah
Peniot Ava Antonious

The Devils were all terrified
Because of your faithful heart
And your continuous prayers
Peniot Ava Antonious

They fought you with no rest
With all the power and risk
And so many tricks
Peniot Ava Antonious

With your sister they reminded you
So as to disturb you
And to annoy you
Peniot Ava Antonious

They scattered gold and change
On the mountains to tempt you
Glittering on the desert sand
Peniot Ava Antonious

They moved with pride and chant
In the likeness of women
To cause you to fall in their traps
Peniot Ava Antonious

They took the form of lions
And tigers and lynx
Screaming like fierce winds
Peniot Ava Antonious

They gathered to harm you
And to frighten you by their view
But humility saved you
Peniot Ava Antonious

I wonder at your gathering
And consider my weakness
I am weaker than your smallest
Peniot Ava Antonious

St. Antonious, you are a tower
Strong and full of power
You humbled yourself to the devils
Peniot Ava Antonious

You are power and a symbol
For those who seek the example
You are dweller of high mountains
Peniot Ava Antonious

An example of virginity
And power of spirituality
And calmness of the wilderness
Peniot Ava Antonious

Your life is a light
And nice-smelling incense
Like a psalm to recite joyfully
Peniot Ava Antonious

You are great in tribulations
You are wise in temptations
Intercede on our behalf
Peniot Ava Antonious

Can we follow your example
Can we trace your every step
Pray on our behalf
Peniot Ava Antonious

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