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New Comers


In order to be able to help new comers and to answer your questions, you have to send a recommendation letter from your Chuch Priest with his email and phone number on the letter.


1. Important links:


2. For Apartments:


3. Resources:

  1. Use Computer and Internet free at Ottawa public library:
    To get a free library card, go to any Ottawa Public Library (OPL) branch with photo ID (Egyptian Passport). You can use Internet for hours just next day of your arrival.
  2. Social Insurance Number (SIN): This number and the card it comes on are part of your basic Canadian identity. Addresses of Offices where you can apply for SIN card can be found here

You will need to bring the following documents to apply for SIN card:

a. Egyptian Passport

b. Immigration papers (Landed Immigration Form obtained in the airport)

c. Another form of identification (Permanent Resident Card (this requires the newcomer to wait for a month to receive it by mail) However if the newcomer could take the G1 driving test then he can use his license as another piece of identification).

d. Proof of address

4. Accommodation: 

There is a nice building just beside the church (1396 ogilvie Road) (

Advantage: very clean – 2 elevators – very safe – roomy apartments come with Dishwasher , a ceiling fan , stove , fridge – laundry is in the basement – Gym, Sauna and a party room are in the basement – heat included in the rental fees – close to the church ( walking : 7 min ) Close to 2 Malls: Gloucester (500 meters) and St.Laurent mall( 1.5 Km) that’s included Zellers – Loblaws- bay

Please, contact the building representative for more information.

5. G1 driver License 

To apply for the test, newcomer can study some material instead of buying the booklet (These material summarizes all questions expected in the G1 test)

For more information on the test fees and required documents refer to the following link:


6. Health Card

Information for new comers are available here

Keep in mind that there is a three months waiting period until you receive the card (calculated starting from your date of becoming permanent resident in Canada)


7. Employment Resource Areas

There are a lot of agencies that offer advice for new comers for writing Resumes and help you find a job. please check :

1- (YMCA, they are very good in helping New comers),+Enterprise+and+Newcomer+Services/




8. Apply for phone 

One of the cheap companies is Comwave Co. they send a device which should be connected to the DSL Router. In addition, this device can be sent overseas and will have a Canadian phone number in order to communicate with the family in back home. For more information please check their website.

There is also a free software you can use at the beginning. You can download from ( This is free software you can download on your computer and will give you phone number + free long distance and local calls it is a very good software as a start.


9. Apply for Internet 

There are a lot of internet providers in Ottawa. Below are some cheap providers who provide reasonable speed and monthly usage.


10. Take the Bus

You must pay the exact amount, no change will be given if you paid more than fare. You can buy bus tickets from any store and will be cheaper than if you paid on the bus.

To know the bus tickets price or to use the travel planer to find the bus numbers to take, use the OC transpo website below (


11. Buying a used car: 

Please consider the following before paying money:

1- check the car on the by its VIN # to know if it is an accident free or not

2- Useful website to search for used cars: ,

3- Please, always take the car to a mechanic to check it before purchasing it.


12. LINC Program 

This a free English learning program offered by the government. There is two benefits of joining this program as a full-time student; learning English and they will pay you the buss monthly pass cost which saves you money in the first stage and gives you unlimited access to bus routes where you can get around the city for no cost.

To apply for this course, you should call the following phone number to register for an assessment of your level (free):

Language Assessment and Resource Centre at 613-238-5462

For more details:


13. School for Kids 

French Catholic school : most important doc. Certificate of baptism from a catholic church. However, they can accept an orthodox baptism certificate authorized by a catholic church. You can translate the Arabic certificate of baptism, just ask Abona. Then take the original and the translated one to one of the catholic priests to stamp it and authorize it.


14. Childcare 

For low-income , the city of Ottawa subsidizes the fees for the licensed day care. i.e as a new comer who never earned money in Canada, they consider it as a low-income family. Therefore, they pay the whole amount of fees on condition that the parents have to find a job within 3 months. Then they will evaluate the case again. for more info check (


15. Grocery stores & Clothing 

You can check the discounts and sale online at (


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