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  About The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a program for those who are interested in studying the church's history, her sacred texts, liturgy, significant figures, dogma etc. We have already completed four semesters of engaging subjects such as Church History - Post Chalcedon, Coptic Art and Literature, and Introduction to Patristics.

Join us every semester as we invite experts from around the world to teach us about a new area of study. 


Exciting News!
July 27, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters of The Lighthouse,

We are very excited to share HUGE news with you.

Over the last year and a half, The Lighthouse has been focused on removing barriers to accessing high-quality advanced-level teaching to deepen our faith and love for God and His Church.

To further support our vision, we are excited to announce a new collaboration with Agora University’s Holy Transfiguration College.

Agora University is an accredited post-secondary institution offering Master's degrees and certificate programs to students through online learning.

Through this collaboration, you will have access to:

  • 16 lectures by Orthodox scholars

  • Live Q and A sessions

  • Discussion forums with students from across the globe, and

  • Certification from Agora University, contingent on fulfilling curriculum requirements (optional).

Starting September 1, 2023, Professor Dr. Emmanuel Gergis will take us through an Introduction to Orthodox Theology and Methodology.

The fee to register for the Fall semester is $125 CAD. This is an 85 % reduction in the cost typically associated with the content we will receive.

As the Lighthouse has been accustomed to offering, you will maintain the flexibility to set your own pace of learning through Agora's online platform.

This amazing opportunity is open to anyone above the age of 18 and we encourage you to spread the word!

Registration closes August 20, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “The Lighthouse”?
The Lighthouse is a program for those who are interested in advanced studies of the church's history, her sacred texts, liturgy, significant figures, dogma etc.  

What is the course about?
Course description: This course explores an introductory discussion of the nature of theology. The aim of this course is to highlight the two-fold nature of theology both as an encounter of the human soul/heart and an expression of the human mind. Basic and fundamental themes and concepts of Orthodox theology will be discussed. Various sources, resources, and methodologies will be discussed to show the inner- coherence of theological loci and their relevance to everyday life.

I have never studied theology before, will I be able to follow along?
The content and the process are designed to allow registrants to go at their own pace, while offering options to connect with the professor and other students to facilitate learning.  

What are the requirements to register?
Requirements are few. You will be able to register with 2 photos (1 regular and 1 government issued) and some standard demographic information.

When are the lectures taking place?
Beginning September 1st, lectures will be pre-recorded for you to listen at your own pace. The professor will schedule live Q and A sessions between September and December.

How much time commitment is required from me?
The course is arranged to lead students from one concept to the next. Accordingly, access to week 2 content will depend on completing week 1 and so on. 2-4 hours will be the approximate time investment per week.

How much does it cost?

This amazing collaboration with Agora is giving Lighthouse registrants access to amazing content for 85% reduction in cost. $125 CAD is the required payment.  

I’m very interested in the material but cannot afford it. Is there financial assistance?
If there are any issues with the cost, please reach out to to make arrangements.

Will I get credit for attending this course?
You will have the option to receive credit for this course. In order to do so, you will need to complete required course work, complete registration as a student (this is more than being Lighthouse participant) and pay the fees associated with the course. Applications can be found here.

Are the credits transferable?
All Agora courses are fully accredited and should be able to transfer to other North American institutions. However, this is up to the receiving institution as the case with any other University.

Will I get an educational tax receipt or donation tax receipt?
There will be no tax receipts issued for the registration fee.  

Will content be available after the program or on YouTube?
Unlike previous semesters, recorded lectures will not be placed on YouTube. However, lecture notes, readings and presentations will be available for download.


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