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Church Finances and Our Role

Dear All in Christ,

It has come to our attention through discussions with many of you, that there seem to be some misconceptions surrounding our Church's current financial situation as some have come to believe that the Church has cleared most of its financial responsibilities and debt. The purpose of this email is to clarify the current state of affairs for the sake of transparency and also to help clarify any misconceptions that may exist.

By the grace of God, our beloved Church is financially stable as the Lord's abundant blessings sustain us. This, however, does not eliminate in any way, the Church's constant need for your love and support through your generous donations. Many may not know, that on a monthly basis, the Church can have anywhere between $90K - $100K in monthly expenses, depending on the season. These monthly expenses include such things as:

  • Existing unpaid Church mortgage;

  • Utilities: electricity, insurance, telecom, landscaping, snow removal etc.;

  • Maintenance and upkeep of Church, Church House, and Cottage;

  • Church services expenses;

  • Donations and our commitments to others in Egypt and locally;

  • Priests salaries;

  • and much more.

While your donations have always been a great support, there are some months when the Church's income does not match our monthly expenses. One way we can make sure that our monthly income always meets our needs is to encourage you to consider enrolling for automated monthly withdrawals from your account. All those details can be found by clicking here for information on Church donations.You can also contact the church treasurer - Bassem Nashed at - for any further inquiries.

Again, we would like to reassure you that by the grace of God, the Church is not facing any form of crisis. Rather, we thought it necessary to address any misconceptions and wanted to share this important information with all of you. Thank you again for your support and your prayers. May the Lord continue to bless us all and keep the doors of His church always open for his beloved children.

God bless you - The Fathers and your Church Board.


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