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End of Lent & Pascha 2022

Dear All in Christ,

We thank God for allowing us to be in Church this year during Lent and we pray that He keeps the door of the Church open to us all this Pascha that we may celebrate the feast of the resurrection altogether. We are excited to share with you the schedule of services over the next two weeks. See the poster below:

(full schedule available on the Church website)

We are also very excited to welcome all of you to Come and Share a Meal with us after the Divine Liturgy of the Feast in the agape hall. It has been several years we have been unable to gather so let’s all make an effort to be with one another.

Finally, we are preparing the Resurrection Celebration on Sunday from 12 PM – 3 PM for all our kids at Church. It will include choir presentations, games, a spiritual program, and gifts! More details to come.

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