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Priesthood Nomination

Christ is Risen!

Please click the image below for the video message from H.G. Abba Boulos to the congregation of St. George and St. Anthony:

Message from H.G. Abba Boulos (June 6th 2022):

“But certainly, God has heard us; He has attended to the voice of our prayer.” (Psalm 66:19)

Beloved in Christ, Under the guidance and care of our beloved Father, H.G. Abba Boulos, and after over a year of prayer and fasting all together, it is with great joy that we announce the nomination of Mr. Hany Guirguis and Mr. Emad Messiha, to BOTH be ordained as priests to serve the altar of St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church in Ottawa. Our congregation has been praying for the Holy Spirit to reveal the right persons to serve our congregation. Many of you have shared your thoughts and prayers over the last year, and we are now ready to announce these two wonderful servants as the nominees for the holy Priesthood. As announced in the video message attached, H.G. Abba Boulos is asking everyone to continue in prayer. If anyone has any concerns, H.G. invites you to communicate them directly to him through his personal email: Your email must include your full name, your phone number, and your express concern. Only our Father the bishop will have access to these emails and he will review each of them diligently and prayerfully. Please send in your emails within the next 48 hours (before the end of the day Wednesday, June 8th, 2022). Please continue to pray for our church and for Hany, Emad, and their families. May the Lord protect them and all of us and may His will be done in all our lives.


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